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You are looking for books from the Dragonlands? You want your documents to be written in style and with nice calligraphy? You want to know more about the Aldradach Almanac, THE travel guide for the town on the Drachenfest?

Then you've come to the right place! The Scriptorium will return to Aldradach in the year 14 a.f.A. and will offer exciting book projects and beautiful writing!



We publish great books that belong in every library.


It should not only be written, it's supposed to impress? We write your texts in style.


Sometimes you just need a copy. Of course we offer that as well.


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You always wanted to publish your own in-game book? Or you want to be more successful with the one you already wrote? We can help you!

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Aldradach Almanac

The travel guide for the town on the Drachenfest. For many years now this book has been a popular and well-known companion for travels …

Shut Up and Play!

Rogar Trunkenbart can only stand other humans if he's distracted by alcohol or games. As he wants to afford a tour of the worst taverns …

The Path of the Ranger

Ludovic, the original author of the Aldradach Almanac and one of the founders of the AWZA, is back. He strives to open a school for …


Story-telling Contest (Bartholomäus Federkiel)

Bartholomäus Federkiel, the director of the Scriptorium, won first place in the traditional story-telling contest 13 a.f.A. at the teahouse of Meridiana El Goras.
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Travel guides, books about games, books for rangers, documents and many other things - that's what we want to offer you at the Scriptorium. But unfortunately paper and other crafting items cost money, even aside from the campaign for the Aldradach Almanac. So: please support us with a regular donation on Steady.

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Bartholomäus Federkiel


Scriptorium of Aldradach

Founder and director

Bartholomäus Federkiel, played by Jens Grabarske, is the former director of the City Theatre of Aldradach. After a night full of drinks he took on the job of maintaining the Aldradach-Almanach from the original author, Ludovic the Player. In the beginning he just wanted to do this project on the side to be able to get to know the town of Aldradach better. But step by step Bartholomäus discovered his love for the written word. With the Scriptorium of Aldradach he not only strives to continue looking after the Aldradach Almanac, he also works on other projects and helps aspiring authors to find readers for their books.



Illustrator and front desk

Aldradacher Skriptorium

Zeichner und Kontorist

Otto, played by Alex Betzing, is… well, he's an Otto. But we have grown quite attached to his presence in our team. If he's not helping customers getting books, he's busy illustrating and he has a lot of fans who appreciate his work.

He proved his good eye for cartography and drawing skills as a juror at the treasure map competition.

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